Sister Kelsey Kelly exemplifies the characteristics of a virtuous woman and a chosen vessel of God. She is filled with compassion and possesses a forthright and loving spirit that allows her to uplift and encourage women from all walks of life helping them to blossom in Christ.

Sister Kelsey has committed her life to serving and helping others. She has a passion for enthusiastically sharing God’s word and is blessed with an ability to appeal to the churched and un-churched alike. Whether leading Women of Worship (W.O.W) workshops, conducting Women’s Bible Study or lovingly and respectfully attending to the individual needs of her Sister’s in Christ she is a tireless soldier in God’s army.  Sister Kelsey’s heart’s desire is to help her sisters and brothers in Christ to become all that God has called them to be!

Sister Kelsey Kelly is a native of Kansas City. She and Pastor Ron have 3 sons: Ronald, Rodney and Nicholas.
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